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Feb. 7, 1986
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Men, Women, Trans, Couples
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4 hours ago
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only for tips
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Information for New Models.

New models very often have great difficulty keeping up with the flow of communication as viewers quickly notice the "New" flag and begin visiting the room. There are usually multiple topics being discussed, compliments being paid to the model, suggestions being made and of course a small but very disruptive group who will complain, demand and aggressively make efforts to "direct" models telling them what to do and how.

There are simple steps you can take your first few broadcasts that will help reduce the confusion and give you a sense of control. Once you have done a few shows and are getting a feel for how things work in your chat room, you can decide whether or not to add new options.


1: Private Messages (pm's)

You will receive MANY requests for these especially while you're flying the "new" flag. Unfortunately, accepting them means your attention is pulled away from the public chat where there may be hundreds of viewers. Your attention will be focussed on the interests of one single viewer. If you do accept a pm, viewers immediately notice the loss of your attention and the fact that you have now stopped performing.

During your first few broadcasts, private messages will almost always consist of begging for freebies, moderator status or asking you to view their cameras ("C2C" or "Cam 2 Cam"). Unless you already know the person requesting a PM, there is RARELY anything of importance that cannot and should not be discussed in public.

One way to reduce the demand for pm's, is to charge 25-30 tokens before you accept one. This will weed out those people who want to beg for something. The demand will plummet after you repeat that a few times. having said that, many experienced models refuse them outright which is what I suggest.


2: Private Shows:

As the name suggests, a private show allows a single user to have time with you by themselves. Models define a token cost per minute and automatically transfers that amount from the viewer to your account. You can also set a minimum amount of tokens the user must have before a private show can be initiated. The model and viewer negotiate what will happen during the show and the user is able to tip on top of the amount that is automatically transferred. The model is also able to define whether or not other users can "spy" on the private show and how many tokens per minute it will cost to do so.

You will get many requests to do private shows and while they do seem at first glance to be an opportunity to quickly raise tokens, there is a significant negative impact that must be considered especially during the first week while you continue to fly the "New" flag.

Doing private shows during your broadcast will very likely reduce your rating and lower your visibility on the profile pages. This is very simply because in order to complete a private show, you must leave the main chat room. The longer your private show lasts, a greater number of users will leave and not come return. If you want to offer private shows, it's best to ask people to schedule them with you before or after your broadcast. During regular broadcasts, turn off the request for them


3: Setting Expectations

Its very important you understand that you must clearly set the standard of acceptable behaviour for your room. If you permit users to be rude to you or to each other from the very start, it will take you some time to catch up and get control of the room. As with the first two considerations noted above, this potentially reduces the time you have for entertaining and earning income. Conversely, if you are assertive in enforcing your expectations, troublemakers will either get in line or stop visiting your room. It is also best for you to thank any users who try to intervene on your part for their concern but assure them that you are able to manage any issues that arise. This helps prevent pseudo-moderators from attempting to influence the rooms environment.

There are two very simple tools at your disposal to enforce behavioural standards. By clicking on the name of the user who is misbehaving, you will see two options at the bottom. One will silence a user, the second will kick (ban) them from the room. For the most common and small issues, I strongly encourage a verbal warning be given first with an admonition that further action may result.

Silencing a user allows them to remain in the room and observe but prevents them from making any further comments in the chat window. Think of it as a timeout from playgroup where a member watches their playmates continue enjoying themselves; often this is more than enough to get their attention. Silencing a user lasts for a period of six hours after which they regain the ability to post. This is the only option that is available to your moderators to assist you in enforcing behavioural standards.

For behaviour that is more significantly disruptive, you have the option of banning users from entering your room at all. The ban will last for a period of one month. Common behaviours that merit banning include repeated offences that have already resulted in silencing; insults against the model or other users in the room, spamming for other sites and efforts to mislead or defraud such as fake tip graphics. This option is only available to the model.

Finally, I want to address the horrid dilemna of the "Greys". They are viewers who have no tokens for the moment. The overwhelming majority of greys are awesome but the pesky ones really ruin the atmosphere and will will drive you and the other viewers mad with demands of all kinds and vulgar, rude comments.

If they get really tiring and you are spending more and more time correcting them, you can choose to silence them all at once. To do so, simply select the gear icon at the top of the chat window then the "Chat Allowed By" drop box. There you can check the last item - "Users Who Have Tokens".



The first time they broadcast, new models are invariably inundated with multiple requests (aka demands) from users asking to be appointed as moderator in the chat room. They make wild claims about being able to single-handedly increase viewer counts, effectively police behaviour in the chat room and make money for the models. The greatest number of these demands come from from users who are grey (no tokens to tip with) or light blue (at least 1 token but have not spent any in the last two weeks).

For some reason, they appear to enjoy the perceived power and will often silence viewers based on their own arbitrary standards, flood the chat window with multiple animations and frequently direct and chastise models in public chat. They effectively try to take control of the chat room.

Never, ever, EVER appoint someone as moderator if they have asked you to do so. In the majority of cases, those requests are self-serving. Frequently, they will ask for reduced rates for private shows, freebies with respect to poses or actions that would normally require tips and expect to be given access to group shows at no cost. A good moderator on the other hand will be someone you have experienced in your room as being supportive and encouraging. He or she will have become a regular and sometimes very generous tipper and will be well known in the chat room as someone who speaks positively of the model and any existing moderators and who follows the behavioural standards set by the model.

If you follow the three guidelines in the section before this one, there is no reason you cannot manage behaviour in your room for up to about 150 users. During that time of building up a regular fan base, you will very quickly start to identify potential moderator candidates. When the time you spend correcting behaviour becomes disruptive to your entertainment (and your money making opportunities), it is worth your while to first review the standards you set out. If you are comfortable that they still meet your needs, it is a good time to approach one or more of the candidates.

Things your moderator needs to know

The role of the moderator is to govern behaviour and provide information in the chat room so that you can focus entirely on entertaining and making money. A good moderator will only appear when those functions need to be fulfilled. S/he is there to serve and help create and maintain the type of environment envisioned by the model(s) not to draw attention to themselves!

With those basic principles in mind, here are some initial points to discuss with anyone before you appoint them to serve in this very important role.

What you want to be called and not called (screen name, terms of endearment etc)

The degree of dirty talk you want in public chat. Many models only permit it in tip notes.

Common questions they can answer for you (are you attached, are you bi etc)

How and when to communicate with you

Potential "Scams"

Password-Private Shows

The specifics of private shows are given in the first section above. Once you choose to start doing them, CB makes sure you get paid because the viewer has to have enough tokens and as time clicks on, they are transferred to you. There is no risk that way at all and a recent feature has been added that permits you to set a minimum time before you accept a show. This helps prevent you leaving the main chat room for only one or two minutes and finding the user decides they no longer wish to continue.

Some people dislike the fact that the tokens viewers buy do not go to the model at 100%. Models ALWAYS get $.05 per token but the more tokens the user buys, the less they pay for each one. For example, 100 tokens cost $10.99 while 1000 tokens cost $79.99. Users who buy 1000, pay $.08 per token while users who buy 100 pay $0.11 per token. The three cent difference is then distributed to the model(s) the user supports.

At some point, people discovered a way to do private shows in another way that gets 100% of the users payment to the model. Instead of paying in tokens, they send models a gift the model wants, an electronic gift certificate or cash via one of the online services and the model and user negotiate how much time the show will last in advance.

At that point, the model locks access to their room by setting a password under the settings and privacy tab. The password is provided to the user who goes to the models room and enters it when asked. Once entered, the user enters the same public chat room normally hosted by the model but no one else can get in. VOILA! A "Private Password Show"

So then, where's the scam risk you may ask? Scammers will tell models a gift has been purchased on Amazon or another online service and when the models look online to confirm, it is in fact gone from the list suggesting it has been purchased. The model then does the "private password" show full expecting that the gift is speedily making its way to them. Sadly, what the scammer has done is simply placed the gift in their shopping cart where it can remain for several days.

As for Electronic Gift Certificates, in some cases they are not completely transferred to the model for a short period of time despite the model accepting them. If that should occur, the user can cancel the payment once in the password session and the model will not receive payment.

The solution to this dilemma is simply to never begin a password private show until you have actually physically received the gift or confirmed the value of the gift certificate has been credited to you. This mean telling the user they will have to wait until the show can be provided. Those who are making efforts to scam you will complain and accuse you of not trusting them or make repeated efforts to assure you they have done it many times before without a problem. Users who are not scamming you will not object.


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